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SKU: SFS-1057-NK10

EVERSTEIN Rain Dual Shower Heads System: Brushed Nickel 10" Round High-Pressure Luxury Showerhead Fixtures Faucet Set

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Sophistication Meets Shower Innovation

Why settle for an ordinary shower when you can have an extraordinary bathing adventure? Our dual shower head with an ergonomic handheld spray invites you to indulge in a symphony of water, customizing your cleanse with precision and pampering. Each shower becomes an opportunity to unwind, invigorate, and emerge feeling truly reborn.

Bid farewell to mundane showers. With dual rain shower heads, embark on a sensory journey with twice the intensity. Merging design with functionality, these heads promise not only a thorough cleanse but also a moment of zen, leaving you invigorated for the day ahead.

Detachable Panels

Enjoy the convenience of a shower designed for effortless maintenance. The detachable panel means no more wall tear-downs, and the solid brass valve guarantees years of dependable use.

Switching Between 3 Modes

Transform every shower into a personalized spa day. With a trio of a ceiling shower head, side shower, and handheld spray, effortlessly choose from 3 modes to match your mood.

High-Pressure Showerhead

Experience the pinnacle of showering with an ultra-thin ceiling shower head, where high pressure meets sleek design for a transformative cleanse.

Flexible Handheld Spray

Streamline your bathroom chores with adaptable handheld spray. Effortlessly reach those hard spots, make bath time fun for pets and kids, and enjoy an easy clean-up afterwards.

Important Purchase Note

EVERSTEIN shower system is suitable for new installations or complete bathroom renovations. It requires the removal of existing tiles or fixtures and potential repiping. To ensure compatibility with your bathroom project, consult with a professional plumber before purchase.