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SKU: SFS-1057-BK10

EVERSTEIN Dual Shower Heads System: 10" Ceiling Round Showerhead High-Pressure Rainfall Shower Fixtures Faucet Set

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Sophistication Meets Shower Innovation

Elevate your shower experience with a sophisticated dual shower head and handheld spray system, designed for the modern bathroom. Immerse in the luxury of a rainfall shower while enjoying the versatility of a handheld spray, ensuring every shower is a tailored oasis of relaxation.

Why settle for one when you can have two? Discover the ultimate shower indulgence with dual rain shower heads, designed to envelop you in a cascade of water from above. Feel refreshed and revitalized with every shower, making it not just a routine but a lavish escape.

Detachable Panels

Upgrade to hassle-free maintenance without the need for wall demolition. With a detachable panel and a solid brass valve at its core, enjoy durability that stands the test of time.

Switching Between 3 Modes

Experience the pinnacle of showering flexibility. A ceiling, side shower head, and handheld spray offer 3 distinct modes, ensuring every shower is tailored just for you.

High-Pressure Showerhead

Transform your bathroom into a spa sanctuary with a sleek, high-pressure ceiling shower head, designed for the ultimate refreshing shower experience.

Flexible Handheld Spray

Unlock the power of convenience in your shower with flexible handheld spray, perfect for reaching every nook, making a sparkling space for kids, or pets bathing.

Important Purchase Note

EVERSTEIN shower system is suitable for new installations or complete bathroom renovations. It requires the removal of existing tiles or fixtures and potential repiping. To ensure compatibility with your bathroom project, consult with a professional plumber before purchase.