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SKU: SFS-1060-BK10

EVERSTEIN Rain Dual Shower Heads System: Ultra-Thin 10" Ceiling Showerhead High-Pressure Rainfall Shower Fixtures Faucet Set

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Seamless Luxury in Every Shower

Elevate your daily ritual with the sleek design and unmatched functionality of EVERSTEIN's shower system. The dual shower heads and handheld spray blend seamlessly into any modern bathroom, providing a luxurious escape that rejuvenates your senses and refreshes your mind.

Discover the pinnacle of modern bathing with EVERSTEIN's shower system, perfectly complementing your luxury bathroom. The blend of dual shower heads and a handheld spray offers a luxurious, tailored shower every day.

Immerse yourself in the warmth of EVERSTEIN's shower system, where the rich terracotta hues meet the soothing comfort of your personal spa. Dual heads and a handheld spray offer unparalleled luxury, right in the embrace of your earth-toned sanctuary.

EVERSTEIN: Craft Your Perfect Shower

Double the indulgence with EVERSTEIN's dual shower heads, designed for those who refuse to compromise. Whether you're enveloped by a gentle rainfall or targeted by a powerful spray, every shower becomes a tailored experience of unmatched luxury.

Ultra Thin & High Pressure

Step into a world where luxury and performance converge with EVERSTEIN's high-pressure, ultra-thin shower head. Designed for those who cherish every moment under the water, it promises an invigorating start or a soothing end to your day.

User Friendly Operation

Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary with EVERSTEIN. Our shower system offers effortless elegance - a ceiling rain shower head for serenity, a side shower head for precision, and a handheld spray for flexibility. Indulge in a daily ritual that rejuvenates your senses.

Important Purchase Note

EVERSTEIN shower system is suitable for new installations or complete bathroom renovations. It requires the removal of existing tiles or fixtures and potential repiping. To ensure compatibility with your bathroom project, consult with a professional plumber before purchase.